Volunteer Spotlight: Barbara Nickens

Barbara Nickens has been a resident at the Golden Rule Apartments for over 20 years and has watched the neighborhood and its residents grow and change over time. Since retiring as an Executive Administrative Assistant at Catholic University, Ms. Nickens has been a tremendous asset to the Resident Services team at Columbus Property Management. She has committed her time, treasures, and talents to supporting our annual youth summer camp, Camp Upward. Since the start of the camp in 2017, Mrs. Nickens has volunteered over 500 hours towards the camp. “Kids need positive role models in their community to be there and watch over them. I watched a lot of these kids grow, and I know their entire family”, says Mrs. Nickens. Even during the school year, Mrs. Nickens passionately shared how children come to visit her and tell vivid stories about their day.

Resident Services is thankful for Mrs. Nickens’s steadfast dedication to supporting our youth and being a positive role model within the community.

If you’re interested in volunteering to support our youth, families, seniors, or help with special projects, please contact 202-842-2027.